A product design firm and durable goods production and logistics outfit, AARN is the diversified activity of Aaron Panone, self-producing designer and engineer. House brands include: AARN (custom product), AARN EYEWEAR (handmade acetate eyewear design and manufacturing), and AARN TRANSMISSION (bicycle parts design and production).

144#n track bicycle chainring

First released in 2011, the aarn/44rn 144#47 is a high-quality designer track bicycle chainring with a unique tooth profile designed for maximum engagement and minimal wear. Manufactured in Peabody, Massachusetts, USA, from certified 6061-T6 aluminum plate stock. These chainrings are fully CNC machined. All edges (front and rear) are machine broken with a 45-degree 0.010-in deep chamfer. Available in black and clear/silver anodized finish. Product is packaged in brown paper with a QC certification label and number, and shipped USPS Priority Mail. 

In 2013 a 49 tooth version of the 144#47 was added to the product line, 144#49.

Limited quantities available here: aarn webstore

New production runs are seasonally available through Prolly Is Not Probably

[Photos: John Watson: Images 1(header), 2, and 3, Eric Baumann: Images: 9, 10, and 11.]