AARON PANONE IS A DESIGNER AND ENGINEER specializing in mechanical design and creative solutions. Aaron is big on quality, local, and small. All of his products are proudly manufactured in the USA. This site contains select featured works. 

Aaron is a co-founder and member of Fringe in Somerville, Massachusetts.

2013 year in renew for cuppow

Research and direction for an infographic for Cuppow. Designed and illustrated by Natalya Zahn.

“This year’s installment of our annual infographic project is a single year snapshot showcasing the impact that Cuppow—through utilizing a local supply chain and totally recycled material sources—has on the environment. We used our actual manufacturing and performance data collected over the last year to calculate freight emissions and the amount of recycled material that we were able to reprocess and reuse to make our products. We consulted with shipping experts and studied up on EPA emissions factors to provide a comparison between our supply chain and a hypothetical supply chain originating from Shenzhen, China. (Although we are not sure exactly what percentage of imported consumer products originate from Shenzhen, it is noted as one of the largest manufacturing cities in the world, so it serves as a good comparison for our study.)”