AARON PANONE IS A DESIGNER AND ENGINEER specializing in mechanical design and creative solutions. Aaron is big on quality, local, and small. All of his products are proudly manufactured in the USA. This site contains select featured works. 

Aaron is a co-founder and member of Fringe in Somerville, Massachusetts.

new wide cuppow canning jar drinking lid

Updated release of the original Cuppow canning jar drinking lid. Now made from recycled material, manufactured in Massachusetts, and featuring the Straw-Tek spout opening. With this release also came the introduction of a new flat package, using one-third of the amount of material as the previous generation packaging, and requiring no fasteners. Cuppow in colors were released at the same time as the introduction of this product, with a portion of the profit from each color linked to direct partnerships with domestic charities.

Available at Cuppow.com