A product design firm and durable goods production and logistics outfit, AARN is the diversified activity of Aaron Panone, self-producing designer and engineer. House brands include: AARN (custom product), AARN EYEWEAR (handmade acetate eyewear design and manufacturing), and AARN TRANSMISSION (bicycle parts design and production).

one product infographic for cuppow

Research and direction for an infographic for Cuppow. Designed and illustrated by Natalya Zahn.

“Behind the utility of Cuppow, our commitment to developing and maintaining the best localized supply chain possible has proven to be incredibly rewarding. We didn’t anticipate that one product, made through utilizing domestic resources that we are happy to support could have such an impact.

In the ten months after our first sale, in January of 2012, we realized that we were making an impact on domestic industry when part-time workers at our fulfillment center were suddenly full-time, and owners of businesses in our supply chain were suddenly very happy to speak to us on the phone when we called. We decided to go through our books and evaluate the impact that our product has had on the domestic industries that serve us, and once we crunched some numbers, we were very proud. Our design team interpreted the data into an easily digestible infographic. The product of our efforts is a compelling argument for the maintenance and reintroduction of domestic supply chains in the production of consumer products.”