AARON PANONE IS A DESIGNER AND ENGINEER specializing in mechanical design and creative solutions. Aaron is big on quality, local, and small. All of his products are proudly manufactured in the USA. This site contains select featured works. 

Aaron is a co-founder and member of Fringe in Somerville, Massachusetts.

prolly purple 144#47 TRACK BICYCLE CHAINRING

Limited edition 144#47 track bicycle chainring in anodized “Prolly” Purple finish for John Watson, proprietor of Prolly Is Not Probably.

The aarn/44rn 144#47 is a high-quality designer track bicycle chainring with a unique tooth profile designed for maximum engagement and minimal wear. Manufactured in Peabody, Massachusetts, USA, from certified 6061-T6 aluminum plate stock. These chainrings are fully CNC machined. All edges (front and rear) are machine broken with a 45-degree 0.010-in deep chamfer. Four units were produced in this limited edition color.

Limited quantities in stock colors available here: aarn webstore

[Photos: John Watson ]