A product design firm and durable goods production and logistics outfit, AARN is the diversified activity of Aaron Panone, self-producing designer and engineer. House brands include: AARN (custom product), AARN EYEWEAR (handmade acetate eyewear design and manufacturing), and AARN TRANSMISSION (bicycle parts design and production).

The MTA ‘Conductor’ Safety Eyewear Set, Summer Orange Edition

Edition of 150. One-size-fits-all.
The MTA ‘Conductor’ Safety Eyewear Set, Summer Edition, consists of an orange light weight frame with silver 3M reflective ink printing, that comes with two tinted (silver mirrored and chameleon tint) one piece polycarbonate lenses that have a stylish wrap-around design, that offers the user a wide area of protection. This set comes complete with one foam orange croakie and a navy polishing bag both with silver 3M reflective ink. These glasses are ideal for protecting eyes from debris while making local or express stops from the engine car on any of the subway lines, or on a lunch break in Coney Island.


Available at An Honest Living