AARON PANONE IS A DESIGNER AND ENGINEER specializing in mechanical design and creative solutions. Aaron is big on quality, local, and small. All of his products are proudly manufactured in the USA. This site contains select featured works. 

Aaron is a co-founder and member of Fringe in Somerville, Massachusetts.

EIO by Cuppow LSR Jar Sleeve
“magic beans” cable hanger...
cast brass button for sweettrade
Model 7 eyeglasses with RX
cuppow mason jar coozie
aamerica b&w edition 144#n...
d3 traveller strap hardware for sdr...
aamerica edition 144#n chainring series
e5 48.20 eyeglasses with sun lenses
2013 year in renew for cuppow
ISO drawing package for Randolph...
falcon shield shooting frame for...
brake bridge for tomii cycles
BNTO by Cuppow
e4 48.20 sunglasses
akimenko meats cookbook v1.0
flat pattern chainguard for geekhouse...
one product infographic for cuppow
1x 130#44 road chainring for tomii...
v1 road/cx dropouts for geekhouse bikes
e2 47.18 sunglasses
custom skewer replacement lever for...
frame builder: e1 teaser
cuppow regular with straw-tek...
new wide cuppow canning jar drinking lid
cuppow regular with straw-tek canning...
original cuppow canning jar drinking lid
tab desk lamp
seat stay caps for royal h. cycles
oregon manifest utility/cargo bike
prolly purple 144#47 TRACK BICYCLE...
144#n track bicycle chainring
lightweight custom drum harness
numerically controlled poster series...
picture frame doweling jig for PLR
small parts for firefly bicycles
boring 42th chainring v2
regular pattern cargo rack
custom track dropout for icarus frames
turntable bounce lamp
project: wallpaper – numerically...
aarn at fringe
tiflw seatmast clamp for independent...
regular pattern wall trellis
project ghetto blaster v2.0
city bench from re-purposed materials...
T0001 “rotafixer” lockring tool
headbadge and logo design for quiros...
custom snowboard rack for concepts
42th prototype track bicycle chainring
misc parts for geekhouse bikes
adjustable track bicycle dropout for...